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Extended Workbench

Our comprehensive service complements the complete work cycle for you in the field of tool optimisation, starting with the analysis and evaluation of the optimisation potential, to advice and documentation, right up to implementation in the customer's processes.

Verlängerte Werkbank: Analyse, Empfehlung, Verfahren, Ergebnis, Kontrolle, Dokumentation


You benefit from our game-changing development know-how

The most up-to-date techniques are ready, together with the treasure trove of experience of µTOS GmbH, to ensure rapid product development.

We break the mould. Our specialists for tool surface optimisation work closely with you and offer you:

  • Direct contact person for ongoing projects
  • A flexible approach that is tailored to your needs
  • Independent and free choice of coaters
  • Detailed documentation
  • The option to combine various stages of production

Technological advancement for your tools is manifold:

  • Positive machine behaviour
  • Process reliability for the use of precision tools
  • Extension of tool service life
  • Increase in the workpiece quality of the products
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs through more economical processes
  • Outsourcing of the cutting-edge optimisation
  • Pull ahead of the competition with optimal test tools
  • Ability to process tools up to ø 600 x 800 mm
  • Enormous improvement of the tribological properties (friction cooefficient)
  • Uniform treatment of special geometries / multi-staged tools

The advisory expertise and the comprehensive know-how of µTOS make you completely independent from a coater.



In order to reduce costs and expenses on your behalf, μTOS GmbH offers needs-based, reliable, and timely logistic solutions. Talk to our team when it comes to meeting your own delivery deadlines to your customers.

  • Job coating order management
  • Order processing via ERP system
  • Delivery time 1-3-5 days for precision tools
  • Delivery times for components / components 3-5 days
  • Supraregional service with all parcel services

Transferring various work processes to us, e.g. finishing, post-treatment, stripping, and final cleaning of the tools for further surface optimisation, makes it possible to maintain the same turnaround time of your orders, or even reduce it. 

On request, your products can be directly delivered to process-participating suppliers, and will reach them in an optimal condition. The tools or components can then be processed further without any additional time-consuming treatment.

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