µTOS rapidcut.insert - performance enhancements for your inserts

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Improved tool performance / extended tool life
  • Greater cost-effectiveness
  • Increase in workpiece quality
  • Positive machine behaviour
  • All materials and applications
  • All geometries
Wendeschneidplatten OberflächenbearbeitungWendeschneidplatten Geometrie verbessert
Wendeschneidplatten Leistungssteigerung Standzeit

Material: 17CrNiMo6
Hardening depth: 0.7+0.5
Target parameters of the processed surface: max. Ra 0.45 µm
Feed rate: 0.06 mm/U


Before:After rapidcut.insert  treatment:
Wendeschneidplatte nach rapidcut. insert- Behandlung:


Download Dokumentation µTOS rapidcut.insert Wendeschneidplatten (PDF) (German)

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